Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory


Research Team

Richard Billingsley

Richard Billingsley does research into deep learning and its application for robotics. He has previously co-founded fin-tech startups in Malaysia and Silicon Valley with products used by international brokers and investment banks.

Jesse Clark is a software engineer who has developed applications for a number of Silicon Valley startups. At NASA he worked on databases for the International Space Station and robotic simulations for the Hubble Space Telescope.

Peter is one of the world's leading cognitive scientists. He serves on the Nobel Prize Committee and has developed several breakthrough frameworks for decision making using probabilistic reasoning, belief revision, and conceptual spaces.

Sajjad is a Endeavour Fellow and works on Data Analytics and Robotics in the Magic Lab.

Ben is a UTS Chancellor Fellow working on building intelligent social robots.

Pavlos works on belief reviison methods for intelligent systems.

Henri co-invented Possiblistic Theory and develops innovative methods for modeling uncertainty and risk for decision making.

Xun is a Chancellors Fellow working on risk management for robot decision making and other mobile technologies. Xun manages Planet KR and the University Apple Academic Development Licence.

Mary-Anne is a data scientist and roboticist with transdiscipinary expertise in computer science, artificial intelligence, business, and law. She works in disruptive innovation and bio-inspired technologies that make smart real-time decisions using backgroung knowledge and insights from data analytics.

Woz, co-founder of Apple Inc, is the Distinguish Professor of Technology. He provides leadership and mentorship for students in innovation. Woz developed the Apple I and II transforming the computer industry. He is Chief Scientist at Primary Data.

Current Students

PhD Topic: Impact of Robots on Society

Sarita Herse

PhD Topic: Reliable Social Robots


PhD Topic: Fog Robotics

Sammy Pfeiffer

PhD Topic: Making robots autonomous

Sam is a versatile robotics engineer from the UPC: BarcelonaTech who has been working in robotics as a hobby, as part of his role in the UPC Robotics Club and as part of his job at PAL Robotics bringing to life their humanoid platforms. Sam has worked developing drivers, low level control, navigation, manipulation, perception, robot behaviours, human robot interfaces and many other challenges found during his career.

Now he works on robot teleoperation and human detection to have the necessary tools to eventually make robots able to perceive their surroundings and act accordingly.

Meg Tonkin

PhD Topic: Social Robotics

Meg is researching and experimenting in social robotics. Her PhD investigates privacy expectations and perceptions in human robot interaction.

PhD Topic: Robot Representations of Emotions through Social Signals

Jonathan graduated from University of Milan in Digital Communication and Computer Science. His PhD investigation is the representation of emotions in social robots through social signals and models of artificial empathy. Other interests include: Human-Robot social interactions, developmental robotics, affective computing, cognitive sciences/psychology/neuroscience of emotions, biologically inspired models for robots intelligence, dimensionality reduction and manifolds learning, roboethics.

Mahya Mirzaei Poueinag

PhD Topic: Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services

Mahya trained as a space engineer. She is working on human-centric disruptive innovations in financial services. She works with CBA and received a 2015 IBM PhD Fellowship, and 2015 Australia Computer Society Foundation Fellowship.

PhD Topic: Robot Empathy and Artificial Pain

Muh Anshar commences his PhD study in 2012 under the scheme of Australian Leadership Scholarship which is a prestigious award for young leaders in their speficied fields. Graduated from UTS in 2009 with a Master's Degree by Research in the field of machine learning application for evolving robot locomotion. Current research interest is Artificial Pain, Self-Awareness Framework for Robot and Robot Empathy.

Pramod Parajuli

PhD Topic: Risk Management

Pramod is from Nepal and working on an innovative framework for risk management in decision making.

Srinivas Madhisetty

PhD Topic: Privacy on Social Media

Sri is a lecturer in the School of Software at UTS and is developing a new framework for managing privacy on social media.

Syed Ali Raza

PhD Topic: Robot Learning through Mimicry

Ali is the lead software designer for the Karachi Koala robot soccer team. He is developing his PhD project in robot learning by imitating humans.

PhD Topic: Invention and Protecting IP

Sylvan is innovative developing methods for determining how to best represent ideas in patent claims with a focus on the role of diagrams.



University of Melbourne

Topic: Decision Making and Strategic Behaviours

UTS Magic Lab

Topic: Commonsense Reasoning

Car startup, Co-Founder / Designer at Helperific & Study Socket

Topic: Designing Intelligent Behaviours

Marc Institute, WSU

Topic: Cognitive Robotics

World Nomads Group

Topic: Robot Locomotion


Topic: Learning New Skills

UTS Business School

Topic: Strategic Decision Making

Francis Ilagan

Topic: iPad Application Design

Hong Son Nguyen

Topic: Designing Robot Plans

Founder, Leafcutter Creative Digital

Topic: Leading Innovation and Enterprise in Organisations

AZKOYEN Payment Technologies

Topic: Interactive Knowledge Management

Jebrin Sharawneh

IT Consultant

Topic: Risk Management: Strategies based on Follow the Leader


Topic: Teaching and Learning Skills

Google Apps Deployment Engineer

Topic: Reactive and Strategic Behaviour

Manh Tuan Vu

Topic: Attention based Decision Making

Software Engineer at Apple

Topic: Intelligent Decision Making

Principal Systems Engineer at Cochlear

Topic: Action and Control

Engineer at Provecta Process Automation

Topic: Learning New Skills through Imitation


Topic: Natural robot motion

Nicholas Agnew

AWE Limited

Topic: Behaviour by Design


Topic: Agent Design Methodologies


Topic: Object Recognition

UTS Magic Lab

Topic: Bio-Inspired Cognitive Archtiectures for Robots

Shan Chen


Topic: Privacy and Personal Information Management

Shaukat Abedi


Topic: Recognising Human Activities using Vision

Swinburne University

Topic: Brand Personality

University of Western Australia

Topic: Agent-Oriented Belief Revision.

Wei Wang

Qilu Industrial University

Topic: Robot Peer Learning

UTS Magic Lab

Topic: Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty


Topic: Navigation and Planning

D'Ieteren, Belgium

Topic: Decision Making and Intelligent Action

Research Collaborators and Visitors

Visual Risk

University of Frieberg

UC Berkeley

Ernst and Young

Kings College London

Stanford University and University of Colorado


École Nationale Supérieure de Cognitique (ENSC)

Oxford University

Oxford University

Stanford University

University of Toronto

Stanford University

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Linkopping University

Byrne Data

Ernst and Young


Stanford University

University of Science and Technology of China