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Industry Engagement Opportunities

The Magic Lab is a leader in disruptive innovation with exceptional expertise and capabilities in data science, AI and advanced technologies including social robotics, human-robot interaction, smart connected cars, and the Internet of all things. We are team-oriented and our people have designed and developed significant systems that have been deployed on earth and in the larger solar system e.g. International Space Station and the Hubble Space Station. We can work with you to develop new business opportunities, models, startups, disruptive innovation and advanced technologies.

Examples of ways in which we work with startups, mature companies and corporations include:

  • [Australian Research Council Linkage Projects]( - collaborative research funded to a minimum of $100K/year for 3 years; your investment is typically matched by Australian Research Council funding, if our joint research proposal is successful.
  • Contract Research - we can work with our clients and partners in a fee for service research capacity.
  • \[Consulting Services]( - depending on availability we can work with our clients and partners as consultants.
  • Student Scholarships - collaborative research around a PhD project $40-55K/year for 3-4 years.
  • Student Internships - collaborative research around a student placement in your organisation or business typically funded by $35-$50K for 4 - 6 months.
  • Training and Exploration in Design Thinking; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Data Analytics; Social Robotics; Internet of Things; Mobile Services; Advanced Technology.

PhD, Masters and Honours/Capstone Opportunities

Our laboratory is an exciting place for you to learn about how data science and technology can be used to drive transformation and to develop your entrepreneurial capabilities for innovation. Our lab has state-of-the-art technologies and know-how, advanced technologies and we strive for innovative high-impact outcomes. By undertaking research and innovation in the lab, you will have access to our global research network while working with enthusiastic and friendly researchers who will help you to become a world-leader in technology-led innovation. Our past students have started their own business e.g. Leafcutter, led innovation at places like Google, Telstra, Apple, IBM, Atlassian, Macquarie Bank, Amazon, CBA, Animal Logic, CSIRO, Visual Risk, ASX, Cochlear. They have also remained close friends and ongoing collaborators. You can find some of them on our People page.

Our former students have founded new businesses and secured exciting jobs as creative leaders of innovation in university and industry, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and making a difference to society. We hope to help you reach your goals too.

We are looking for passionate and innovative students who will contribute to the life and scholarship of The Magic Lab. The ideal student simply has a creative and curious mind with analytical reasoning skills and an ability to adapt and learn independently. You do not need to be a data scientist, programmer, computer scientist, engineer, roboticist, lawyer or mathematician. However, talent in one (or more) of these areas will provide a great foundation from which to launch your next life adventure!

Potential Research Projects

Disruptive Innovation with Data Science: is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: work with advanced disruptive technologies that will transform life, business, and the global economy.

Transforming Healthcare with Data Science: work with advanced disruptive technologies that will transform healthcare.

Intelligent Connected Self-Flying Vehicles Project: work with five self-flying drones and a road-base connected vehicle.

Disruptive Innovation and Leadership: disruptive innovation is a critical part of strategic leadership develop a new understanding of how leaders can use innovation to drive growth.

Social Robotics: develop innovative ways for robots make sense of their environment and to achieve their goals with emotional and social intelligence.

Human-Centred Robotics: develop innovative ways for robots to work with people.

Human-Robot Interaction: develop innovative ways for robots to interact with people.

Law and Technology: develop an innovative understanding of the relationship between technology, law and ethics.

Data Science for Competitive Advantage and Organisational Change: develop innovative ways to use data to drive competitive advantage, performance and growth.

Sociable and Intelligent Connected Vehicles: cars and the service industry around car technology today are like telephone and telco’s of the 90s, ripe for disruption!